Autumn Chill Super Scarf by Left in Knots


I love a good road trip project – when I start and finish something while traveling, that object always reminds me of that trip and where we went. It’s like a souvenir that’s not overpriced and I made myself.

When my husband and Lola and I took our trip to South Dakota (total driving time: 9 hours there, 9 hours back,) I knew I’d need a project that could eat up a lot of time, but wouldn’t take up a lot of room in my bag. With only two self-striping cakes needed, the Autumn Chill Super Scarf by Left in Knots was the perfect project.


Now, starting this project in the car and having to hold the paper pattern in my hand, and after chaining 200+ stitches, I mistakenly forgot the first row, all hdc, and went right into the second row, V-stitches. Oops! Once I realized my mistake, I was well into the V-stitches and was not about to frog it all and start over. But forgetting that row meant that I had enough yarn left over to give the scarf tassels on both ends, so I guess it all worked out.

The pattern suggests a size J/6.00 mm hook, but I generally have a loose tension both knitting and crocheting, so I sized down to an H/5.00 mm. But I used an I/5.5mm to chain the stitches, since I tend to chain tight. I’m a fairly new crocheter, but the more you make, the more you learn!


This was my first project using a bobble stitch! It took FOREVER (my first few bobble rows probably took me 90 min each), but it’s so easy and they look beautiful. The colors in this piece are also so outrageously gorgeous and I love self-striping cakes more and more every time I use them. No work for me!

All in all, this scarf probably took me 8-10 hours to complete. This is a great under-$20 project (even less if you can get the yarn on sale) that I’m keeping for myself, but would be an incredible gift too. Check out the deets below!

Craft: Crochet
Pattern: Autumn Chill Super Scarf by Left in Knots
Yarn: 2 skeins of Caron Cakes in Buttercream
Hook: H/5.00 mm; I/5.5mm for starting chain
Modifications: Added tassels, forgot the first row lol
Cost: Cost of yarn; pattern is free, already had hook

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