Java Summer Scarf by SheeplessInMunich


Inheriting yarn is a weird thing – most of the time, you get it from people who see you knitting and say “I tried knitting but I never got it, do you want my yarn?” And of course you say “yes” and then you add it to your giant, overflowing stash because you didn’t really need it but they asked if you wanted it and the answer is always yes to wanting yarn.

I got this yarn from my grandma, who passed away about a month ago. She gave me some of it (about three skeins) when she was alive, and I got four more (of the same yarn) after she died. It’s an honor for me to carry on her legacy of yarn crafts, and even more so to use the yarn she used. I got lots more – most of it beautiful colors of acrylic and wool blends that are versatile – but this yarn? This specific yarn is a weirdo. And when I first got it, and so much of it, I thought, what am I going to do with this?


The label says “Samba” by Ice Yarns, but when I googled it, it doesn’t match the results. So I really don’t even know what it is. It’s ropey and feathery and I don’t even like yellow that much. But I have SO MUCH of this yarn, so I knew I needed to use it and I needed to find the right project. Once I decided on a scarf (a scarf would use a lot of yarn!), I wanted to make something with a little personality and wasn’t just knit-purl into eternity.

The Java Summer Scarf is an easy but beautiful pattern and it looks super intricate. The pattern calls for a fingering-weight yarn but I don’t have the patience to make that into a scarf (I barely have the patience to knit socks with that), so I used my weird feather yarn, which was categorized as worsted weight, though I don’t really buy it. I used US 8 needles, and casted on around 35 stitches instead of the called for 71.


The result is a gorgeous, squishy scarf with a wheat-like pattern and big ribs. My weirdo yarn turned out much softer once it was worked up, and I’m so happy with this one, so full of personality and sunshine. I hope my grandma is happy with it too.

Craft: Knitting
Pattern: Java Summer Scarf by SheeplessInMunich
Yarn: The label says “Samba” by Ice Yarns, but internet searches tell me it’s something different. Who knows, I inherited it
Needles: US 8/5.00 mm
Modifications: Different needle size, different yarn size
Cost: $0; already had yarn and needles, free pattern

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